Dear Iowa Utility Board Members,

I am asking for your support for the Summit Carbon Pipeline. As someone who deeply cares about the environment, and Iowa’s agricultural and ethanol industry, I believe that the pipeline is the best solution to making ethanol a viable product for Iowa’s next generation.

As you may already know, family farms for the backbone of Iowa, and with ethanol consuming half of Iowa-grown corn, the reliability of corn growers’ revenue remains closely tied to biofuels.

Like most industries, ethanol must adapt to survive. While still competing with small-refinery waivers and reeling from the effects of the pandemic, ethanol must find a way to participate in the fuel market as electric vehicles gain popularity. Without a solution soon, ethanol producers could suffer greatly. If ethanol cannot remain competitive, Iowa farmers will lose a massive source of income.

Fortunately, corn growers have a new ally. Summit Carbon Solutions, an Iowa-based company, is working to bolster biofuels. Through partnerships with 31 ethanol plants across the Midwest, Summit Carbon Solutions says it will reduce the carbon footprint of ethanol. Producers could then sell the product at a premium to states with low-carbon fuel markets and ensure ethanol remains a steady, profitable option for future generations of corn growers. 

I am confident that Summit Carbon Solutions will help preserve a future for ethanol and agriculture. If you value the continued success of ethanol and Iowa agriculture, please support Summit Carbon Solutions and its critically important project.

Best wishes,

Will Rogers
Des Moines, IA