Dear Iowa Utilities Board members Huser, Loizer, and Byrnes, 

My name is Will Rogers, and I am the Director of Government Affairs for the Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association. I am writing to you today to urge for Summit’s hearing to be earlier in the year than October. 

The carbon capture project directly impacts farmers from across the state, and a fall hearing directly conflicts with harvest season. It is important for farmers to be able to attend without having to choose between the hearing and their farming duties. 

Lastly, I agree that if Summit can start construction after the 2023 harvest, the company will be much more likely to have the ground restored to the proper condition ahead of the 2025 planting season. This way, crop reduction is less for farmers, and Summit can begin sequestering carbon sooner in Iowa. This will directly benefit both landowners and the ethanol plants who are eager to lower their carbon emissions. 

Thank you for your consideration. 

Will Rogers