Dear IUB Members, 

As someone who has farmed the same land in Iowa for over 45 years, I feel compelled to share my support for the carbon capture projects in this state. The ethanol industry is essential to Iowa agriculture and these pipeline projects need to happen in order for Iowa farmers to continue to prosper. The ethanol industry will suffer without carbon capture, which will cause a major loss in profit for farmers. While some do not see the need to sequester carbon, the technology has become a necessity for the ethanol industry if it wishes to remain prosperous. 

I live in Fayette County and will be affected by whatever decision is made regarding the future of carbon capture in this state. Ethanol is a huge part of Iowa’s agricultural economy and carbon pipeline projects will allow us to tap into new profitable markets. As low-carbon fuel standards become the norm in many states, we need to be able to utilize carbon capture projects to continue to meet these standards. 

If we do not have these pipelines, Iowans will miss out on significant profit as we will be unable to compete in these markets. It is even a possibility that the demand for Iowa ethanol will disappear altogether, along with our robust corn market. I ask the board to consider the importance of these pipelines and the consequences that could impact Iowa farmers should this technology become inaccessible. 


Victor Miller
Fayette County Farmer