I am writing to express my support for the implementation of carbon capture pipelines in Iowa to enhance the production of ethanol. The development of carbon capture infrastructure in our state holds promise for bolstering our ethanol industry and ensuring its long-term sustainability. 

Ethanol is a vital component of Iowa’s agricultural and economic landscape, providing jobs and economic stability to countless communities across our state. By integrating carbon capture technology into ethanol production, we can enhance the marketability of Iowa’s ethanol by producing a cleaner and more sustainable fuel. 

Moreover, investing in carbon capture pipelines can stimulate economic growth in Iowa, fostering job creation, attracting investment, and strengthening our energy security. These pipelines will contribute to our state’s reputation as a leader in renewable energy innovation and production. 

I believe that supporting carbon capture pipelines for the ethanol industry is a win-win proposition, benefiting both our environment and our economy. I encourage you to approve this initiative and help secure a prosperous and sustainable future for Iowa’s ethanol industry. 

I thank the board for its commitment to the economic prosperity of our state and its industries. I look forward to witnessing the positive impact of carbon capture technology on our communities across the state. 


Tyler Riebhoff