Dear Iowa Utilities Board, 

The success of the ethanol industry has served Iowa well for over two decades now. I believe that many people are underestimating the impact this industry has had on Iowa’s economy and the growth of agriculture. Right now, and for the last few years, corn prices have been high, as have land values. A major reason for this is because the ethanol industry purchases so much locally grown corn that it has bolstered the agriculture economy. 

At one point, ethanol was considered a transition fuel, but that isn’t the case anymore – especially with advancements in carbon sequestration technology. Now, if given access to the technology through projects like Summit Carbon Solutions, ethanol producers can begin the process of producing a net zero fuel that can be sold for more money in states California and Washington, and countries like Canada. As the world moves towards embracing low-carbon standards, net-zero ethanol will be in major demand. 

Iowa is at pivotal turning point with this opportunity where if embraced, our economy can grow significantly from low-carbon standards instead of feeling paralyzed by it. Therefore, I encourage the Iowa Utilities Board to approve Summit Carbon Solutions’ CO2 pipeline project so our ethanol industry can grow and capitalize off of new opportunities. 

A strong ethanol industry makes for a strong agriculture economy, which directly benefits all Iowans. 

Tim Burrack