Iowa Utilities Board, 

I am writing to you in support of Summit Carbon Solutions and their work in the ethanol industry and agricultural innovation. This letter serves to show my support not only for Summit, but all companies working on behalf of the ethanol industry today. 

Ethanol plants purchase half of all corn produced in the United States. By integrating carbon capture and storage technology into these ethanol plants, Iowa’s corn can continue to be sold at a premium as low-carbon fuel standards become increasingly popular. 

Carbon pipelines are necessary to promote ethanol and are a part of the future of agriculture. Summit Carbon Solutions has kept farmers and ethanol producers in mind as the ethanol industry continues to evolve. 

You will hear folks say that private companies should not have the ability to use eminent domain. I do believe in private property rights. It’s my contention that very few landowners will have a major objection to these projects if they will listen to the proposals. Pipeline companies have been very successful in my county. 

Another concern I hear is that people don’t believe, or don’t want to believe, in the science. Whether you believe in it or not, it’s the hand we’ve been given. If we want to see ethanol succeed in Iowa, we must continue to be on the leading edge of green energy technology. If Iowa doesn’t produce ethanol for national consumption, other areas of the country will. There is a real need for greener fuels especially in the airline industry. This project and others like it are necessary for the success of Iowa’s ethanol industry and Iowa corn growers. 

I ask that you join me in supporting Summit Carbon Solutions as they work for the greater good of Iowans. 

Thad Nearmyer