Apr 26, 2022 


Husker Ag

Board of Directors member

NORFOLK — Competition drives improvements and creates opportunities, but it also punishes complacency. Farmers and agricultural industries are familiar with the need to adapt to improve practices and products. As markets evolve so do our producers.

Over the last 20 years, ethanol plants have changed their processes to reduce carbon emissions. Maximizing efficiency in every possible step of production reduces waste and leads to a more competitive low-carbon fuel.

Now, Husker Ag, an ethanol plant in Plainview, and 30 other plants in the Midwest are coming together to dramatically reduce emissions and place biofuels at the forefront of growing low-carbon fuel markets. In addition to providing environmental benefits, this shift will enhance our economy, create jobs, and generate more tax revenues for local communities to spend on schools, roads, public safety and more.

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