Summit Carbon Solution donation to Lost Grove Community Center

Harcourt, Iowa (February 21, 2023) – An Iowa community center qualifying for the National Historic Registry is closer to getting a new roof thanks to a $10,000 donation from Summit Carbon Solutions.  

The Harcourt Community Center was built in 1942 under President Roosevelt’s Work Project Administration (WPA). The WPA was a federal assistance program putting unemployed Americans to work by building public infrastructure following the Great Depression. 

“The community center’s historic architecture has been well maintained over the last 80 years, but we’re at a point where it needs a new roof to stay functional,” explained Kelly Blair, who is the leading the preservation efforts. “As our community grows and hosts more events, it’s critical we have a facility that can continue to serve as the heart of the community.”

Lost Grove and the City of Harcourt share the community center. It hosts youth sports leagues, Pickle Ball leagues, veterans’ bingo nights, wedding receptions, and the fireman’s soup supper. The center also serves as a tornado shelter. 

“Farming communities like Lost Grove and Harcourt are tight-knit and need a facility to host its many events,” said Sabrina Zenor, Director of Community Relations for Summit Carbon Solutions. “Summit Carbon Solutions is committed to investing in local communities to open new economic opportunities, support a wide range of philanthropic causes, and invest in the future of agriculture.” 

The new roof will be made of an EPDM synthetic rubber and will cover 1.5 inches of insulation board to maintain the building’s historical status.


About Summit Carbon Solutions:

About Summit Carbon Solutions: Summit Carbon Solutions is partnering with 32 ethanol plants across the Midwest to develop the largest carbon capture, transportation, and storage project in the world. The project will open new economic opportunities for critical industries such as ethanol and agriculture and create 11,000 jobs during construction.  For more information, visit:

Sabrina Zenor