(AMES, Iowa) February 1, 2022 – Summit Carbon Solutions announced further progress on its carbon capture and storage project with the filing of its pipeline permit application in the state of Iowa with the Iowa Utilities Board.  Summit’s project will connect ethanol biorefineries across five states in the upper Midwest – Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota – with the largest portion of the project, consisting of 12 ethanol biorefineries and over 680 miles of carbon dioxide pipeline, in Iowa.

By capturing and permanently storing carbon dioxide emissions from partner ethanol biorefineries, Summit Carbon Solutions will cut the carbon footprint of their ethanol in half, which will ensure the environmental and economic sustainability of these facilities for the long term by opening new markets and improving profitability.

Summit recently began acquiring right-of-way easements for the pipeline component of the project across its five-state footprint.  As a company rooted in agriculture, Summit places a heavy emphasis on landowner engagement and is focused on working with landowners who wish to voluntarily participate.

“We’re pleased to have begun the permitting process for Summit Carbon Solutions, which keeps us on schedule to be operational in the first half of 2024,” said Bruce Rastetter, CEO of Summit Agricultural Group.  “This project will be transformational for the ethanol industry and, by extension, the agriculture industry.  Farmers and landowners in Iowa understand that ethanol production consumes over 50% of our corn crop every year, which is a big reason why we’ve had early success signing hundreds of pipeline easements with farmers who have a vested interest in our success.”

Summit will continue its permit application process with other states and jurisdictions in the coming months as it proceeds to develop the first interstate carbon capture and storage project in the United States.

Quotes from the Iowa agriculture community:

“To me it’s pretty simple – this project will allow local ethanol plants to access growing low carbon fuel markets. And if these plants are more profitable, it means we have a long-term market for our corn. With more than half of all Iowa corn acres going to ethanol, this project will benefit Iowa farmers and landowners for decades to come.” – Tim Burrack, Vice Chairman of the Global Farmer Network and Iowa farmer

“Siouxland Energy is proud to be part of a project that is transforming the ethanol industry. The Summit Carbon Solutions project is necessary to strengthen the future of the agriculture industry. Without a reliable, competitive ethanol industry, corn prices will plummet.  – Jeff Altena, Operations Director at Siouxland Energy.

“It is critical that we embrace this project and the substantial boost it will provide to ethanol and corn growers here in Iowa and across the country. Doing so will help ensure future generations of farmers are able to be successful and prosperous.” – Kelly Nieuwenhuis, Iowa Farmer

“Although this project is in the early stages, it is critical that it continues to move forward and goes into operation as soon as possible. With all the challenges in recent years, from trade wars to small refinery waivers to the derecho windstorm, now is the time to recommit to enhancing our ag economy.”  – Bill Horan, Global Farmer Network Board Member

“This project, born right here in central Iowa, is critical for the future of agriculture. I am proud to support corn growers, Lincolnway Energy, and Summit Carbon Solutions.” – Brett Barker, Mayor of Nevada, IA

“With a strong foundation, our community is sure to thrive. Summit Carbon Solutions represents an opportunity to bolster the bedrock of Iowa’s economy for decades to come.” – Robin Anderson, President and CEO of Mason City Area Chamber of Commerce 

“I’m confident Summit Carbon Solutions is the right organization to take on such a necessary endeavor. It’s pretty simple. Whether or not you farm or live in an agricultural community, this project poses significant benefits to our local, state, and national economies.” – Chuck Morris, Page County Supervisor

For more information, please visit www.summitcarbonsolutions.com or contact info@summitcarbon.com.


Summit Carbon Solutions seeks to lower greenhouse gas emissions by connecting industrial facilities via strategic infrastructure to store carbon dioxide safely and permanently in the Midwestern United States.  For more information, visit: www.summitcarbonsolutions.com

Sabrina Zenor