Securing 80% voluntary easements along the pipeline route, the company is working to ensure the future of North Dakota’s energy industry. 

AMES, Iowa (August 7, 2023) – Summit Carbon Solutions has secured 80% of voluntary easements for its pipeline route in North Dakota and continues to negotiate with additional landowners every day. At the same time, the company is responding to the decision of the North Dakota Public Service Commission. 

Summit Carbon Solutions hears the Commission, including concerns with respect to the pipeline location around Bismarck. Summit is looking at plans again and will address those issues in our reconsidered application, including reroutes. The company is determined to get this right for everyone involved. The goal is simple: to work together, understand everyone’s concerns, and make sure our project fits well with what North Dakota wants for its future, especially in areas like energy and agriculture. 

North Dakota landowners’ support shows their trust in the company’s vision. Summit Carbon Solutions is partnering with 34 Midwest ethanol plants making a $900 million investment in North Dakota. The company’s success is attributed to its understanding that it will: 

  • Giving a boost to the ethanol industry and supporting everyone involved – from plant workers to the farmers selling corn. 
  • Helping secure a market for liquid fuels and the internal combustion engine. 
  • Opening up new market opportunities in the region. 
  • Making sure farmers and ranchers are treated right, from good compensation to taking care of their lands. 


About Summit Carbon Solutions: 

Summit Carbon Solutions is driving the future of agriculture by expanding economic opportunities for ethanol producers, strengthening the marketplace for Midwest-based farmers, and creating jobs. In developing the largest carbon capture and storage project in the world, the company seeks to connect industrial facilities via strategic infrastructure to store carbon dioxide safely and permanently in the Midwest United States. More information, visit:

Sabrina Zenor