Iowa Utilities Board, 

In this past legislative session, the Iowa Legislature reaffirmed that Iowa has a working, common-sense approach to permitting infrastructure projects. I believe that chapter 9 currently provides a thorough process, while protecting landowner rights, by outlining the restoration of agricultural lands during and after pipeline construction. While some sought to change the rules mid-project, others realized such actions would only lead to decreased economic development and likelihood of future infrastructure projects that many be important to Iowa and agriculture. Despite the concern from a few, a majority support carbon capture and bolstering the ethanol industry. 

My local ethanol plant, CORN, LP, is partnered with a CO2 pipeline. The project is a critical step for ethanol and many farmers who sell our corn to the plant. Farmers are working to reduce their carbon footprint on farm and understand the importance of reducing the impact throughout the processing chain of our products. 

I thank the board for their public service and for listening to all parties involved. I respectfully encourage you to support farmers and the ethanol industry by approving carbon sequestration projects. 

Thank you,
Stu Swanson
Wright County farmer/Member of Gold-Eagle Co-Op