Dear Iowa Utilities Board Members Huser, Lozier, and Brynes:

The ethanol industry in Iowa is critical to the agricultural industry’s success, which farmers and rural communities have enjoyed since renewable fuels first took off two decades ago. This overarching success directly results in Iowa’s high land values and favorable corn prices. Now, ethanol plants are responsible for purchasing over 50% of corn grown in Iowa. 

The agriculture and ethanol industries are coupled with one another, meaning each could face a similar fate as the other, good or bad. Because of this, our state must come together and support the two industries that bring us economic prosperity. 

To secure a prosperous future for our local ethanol plant, Little Sioux Corn Processors, in Marcus, Iowa, we partnered with Summit Carbon Solutions. This partnership is the key to lowering the carbon intensity score of our plant and will allow us to sell our ethanol on the low-carbon fuel market at a competitive price. In addition, we will solidify a long-term need for corn and ethanol with this approach due to the rising demand for fuel with a low-carbon score. Our partnership is the way of the future, and Little Sioux Corn Processors is eager to meet this initiative head-on.

So many of us have made a living working in the ethanol industry; in return, the industry has supported our small towns and way of life by ushering in economic opportunity. Therefore, I urge the Iowa Utilities Board to support Summit Carbon Solutions’ project.

Steve Roe
CEO, Little Sioux Corn Processors