Mar 11, 2022 Updated Mar 30, 2022

SIOUX CENTER—The planned Midwest Carbon Express pipeline that would deliver liquefied carbon dioxide to be permanently stored underground in North Dakota would be a multigenerational benefit for Iowa’s farmers, according to project leaders and partners.

The proposed $4.5 billion carbon-capture project by Summit Carbon Solutions is based in Ames. Summit has partnered with 12 ethanol plants in the state, including Siouxland Energy Cooperative 3 miles west of Sioux Center. In all, Summit plans to have 681 miles of pipeline routed through Iowa, running through 30 Iowa counties.

The pipeline measures just under 2,000 miles and would impact about 4,500 landowners, according to Summit’s chief commercial officer, Jim Pirolli. Summit has recently begun engaging with landowners about leasing their land for the pipeline. So far, the company has secured easements with several hundred landowners.

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