Dear Iowa Utilities Board members, 

I am writing today to voice my support for Summit Carbon Solutions and their carbon capture project. This technology and infrastructure is critical to the future of ethanol in Iowa. If Iowa rejects carbon capture, our ethanol plants will miss out on the competitive advantage this project will provide. 

The global market is demanding low-carbon fuel and will pay a premium to those companies who produce it. Iowa ethanol plants who partner with Summit Carbon Solutions stand to gain substantial profit, which will help ensure they continue to operate profitably for decades to come. 

Additionally, a strong ethanol industry is very important to family farms such as mine. Over half of the corn grown across Iowa is sold directly to the ethanol industry. It is not hard to imagine the negative consequences if this market contracts. 

I hope you will keep the future of ethanol and agriculture in mind as you make your decision. 

Scott Henry
LongView Farms