Dear Iowa Utilities Board members Huser, Loizer, and Byrnes, 

My name is Scott Henry of LongView Farms in Story County. Our farming operation consists of row crops and livestock, and we believe strongly that having long-term, stable markets for what we grow, and raise is critical to our family business, but also Iowa’s economy. 

Like every farmer in Iowa, fall harvest is our busiest time of the year. We recently heard that the Iowa Utilities Board scheduled Summit’s hearing for October, which is concerning as it puts farmers in a challenging position of skipping the hearing in order to harvest their crops. 

Because Summit Carbon Solutions’ project impacts so many farmers, the best time for the hearing would be in the summer months, such as July or August. This timeframe is much more workable for farmers, as they are not pressed by harvest deadlines. 

Please consider revising the schedule so farmers and landowners can attend the hearing and voice their opinion. 


Scott Henry
Longview Farms