I believe that Summit Carbon Solutions’ initiative to decarbonize the ethanol and agriculture industries in Iowa has the potential to address the major industry shift needed due to the increased demand for low-carbon fuel. 

Summit’s approach will not only contribute to reducing the state’s carbon footprint but also will help in advancing the goal of prolonging the life of Iowa’s ethanol industry, that is responsible for purchasing half of Iowa’s corn crop. In addition, ethanol plants create jobs, stimulate local businesses, and attract investments to these regions. With the addition of Summit’s pipeline, we can expect an uptick in industries looking to achieve the same carbon capture goals. We have everything to gain by investing in ethanol and carbon capture technology. 

By supporting this project, we have the opportunity to be at the forefront of sustainable practices. I trust that you will give due consideration to the invaluable benefits associated with Summit’s project. 

Scott Gudbaur
Golden Grain Energy, LLC
Commodity Manager