Dear Board Members: 

Thank you for your con6nued commitment to public service and for reading this letter in regards to the proposed CO2 pipelines. I am writing to support Summit Carbon Solution’s initiative to decarbonize the ethanol and agriculture industries. This push will become increasingly important over the coming decades and Iowa ethanol plants must be ahead of the curve. While low-carbon standards are simply an incentive at this point, increasingly ambitious carbon goals almost guarantee low-carbon requirements in the future. 

 This project is essential to our state’s current and continued prosperity of agriculture. As the mayor of Clarion, I am compelled to support this project. It will help increase local economic prosperity and secure ethanol’s future, specifically for our Wright County plant, CORN, LP. 

CORN, LP partnered with Summit to lower their CO2 output and remain competitive. They are relying on access to this technology to keep their doors open. In addition, the plant provides numerous jobs to the people of Wright County and it is essential for them to remain competitive in the era of low-carbon standards. 

Please approve Summit’s CO2 pipeline and help pave the way for the decarbonization of ethanol and agriculture. 

Rod Heiden
Mayor of Clarion
Transportation Manager at Gold Eagle Cooperative