Dear Iowa Utilities Board Members, 

In my 50 years of farming, very few things have been better for my business than the ethanol industry’s success. Since the initial boom in the early 2000s, farmers like me have profited from the strong corn markets, bolstered by Iowa ethanol plants. This industry has given us a layer of support because we are able to sell our corn at a good price locally without having to ship our crops out of state. 

 It is important that we support projects that provide stability and consistency to Iowa farmers. Summit Carbon Solutions’ project will do that. The low-carbon fuel market is willing to pay a premium for low-carbon ethanol, and it is important that our ethanol plants have that opportunity by partnering with Summit Carbon Solutions. This partnership will help Iowa ethanol plants maintain a competitive advantage in the fuel market, which will benefit my business and the business of every corn farmer in Iowa. 

Without carbon capture projects, our ethanol plants risk falling behind in the fuel market. If Iowa ethanol plants are unable to maintain profitability, the agriculture industry will see a drop in corn prices at the local level. Farmers will be forced to ship their corn out of state, drastically cutting back on their profits. 

This is a practical, safe, and proven way to move an entire industry forward. Please support farmers like me by permitting Summit Carbon Solutions’ project. 

 Rod Pierce