Dear Members of the Iowa Utilities Board, 

As the former director of the Iowa Corn Promotion Board, I am encouraging you to support Summit Carbon Solution’s project as it will have a lasting impact on Iowa’s corn farmers, agricultural sector, and the ethanol industry. Ethanol is a key pillar of Iowa’s economy, with producers purchasing around half of the corn grown across the upper Midwest. Summit Carbon Solutions is a company committed to improving and strengthening these industries while raising commodity prices securing a strong future for Iowa. 

Low-carbon fuel markets continue to expand, meaning the long-term viability of ethanol is at stake without a carbon capture technology. The ethanol industry must have the opportunity to utilize carbon capture as more states and countries move toward low-carbon fuel standards. If we don’t adapt to the changing industry, our corn, and ethanol may fail to remain competitive in their markets. 

The time to act on carbon capture infrastructure is now. By supporting and permitting Summit’s pipeline, we can ensure that the corn produced in Iowa is sold at a premium and our farmers are taken care of for years to come. 


Rod Pierce
Former Director, Iowa Corn Promotion Board