I am writing to express my strong support for Summit Carbon solutions’ (SCS) proposed CO2 pipeline project that connects 12 ethanol facilities in Iowa. As a leader in agriculture, I believe that this project has the potential to bring significant economic, agricultural, and social benefits to our state. 

One of the most notable benefits of the CO2 pipeline is its potential to enhance the ethanol industry in Iowa. SCS’s pipeline would significantly reduce carbon emissions, allow ethanol producers to increase production levels, and improve the overall efficiency of operations that benefit several segments of Iowa’s agricultural landscape. 

The economic benefits of Summit’s project cannot be overstated. The project would create new jobs, stimulate investment in our state, provide a much-needed boost to local economies, and contribute to the carbon reduction goals set forth in government policy. 

In conclusion, I strongly urge the Iowa Utilities Board to support the proposed CO2 pipeline project. Thank you for your consideration of this important matter. 


Rick Vaughan
CEO, Innovative Ag Services