Dear Iowa Utilities Board, 

Please reconsider your decision to schedule Summit Carbon Solutions’ CO2 pipeline hearing for October. This creates a challenging situation for the many farmers who want to attend the hearing but will be busy harvesting their crops. 

In 2022, the Farm Bureau suggested a July 2023 hearing date for Summit, which is the perfect time frame for a hearing. 

The board’s decision to move the hearing date is important for two reasons. The first is because the current date conflicts with harvest. The second has to do with the 2025 planting season. If Summit receives an earlier hearing date, the company can construct its pipeline and restore land ahead of the 2025 planting season. Therefore, it is unnecessary to inconvenience the farmer’s two most important times of the year with planting and harvesting due to a hearing date late in the year 

Rick Vaughn
CEO, Innovative Ag Services