Iowa Utilities Board Members: 

Over the last few years, the urgency behind the push to decarbonize vital industries has become increasingly apparent. We are now at a point where there is no choice but to decarbonize the ethanol industry so that we may keep up with market demand and continue to buy millions of bushels of corn. This surging market demand underscores the undeniable opportunity for Iowa’s economy to profit from carbon capture technology, such as Summit Carbon Solution’s pipeline. 

Absolute Energy, where I serve as the CEO, proudly joined forces with Summit Carbon Solutions in 2023. This meaningful collaboration is set to reduce our facility’s carbon intensity score by a remarkable 30 points and achieve net-zero carbon emissions within the coming decade. As a result, the ethanol we manufacture will qualify for sale in the high-value, low-carbon fuel market. The significant advantages the agriculture industry can gain from carbon capture cannot be emphasized enough. 

The ethanol industry has welcomed this innovation to secure its place in the future of renewable Energy, and now it is imperative for the Iowa Utilities Board to agree. Ethanol facilities are credited for purchasing over 50% of all corn grown in Iowa and are meaningful employers in many rural communities across the state. 

Please support Summit Carbon Solutions. 


Rick Schwarck
CEO, Absolute Energy, LLC
Ansgar, IA