Mr. Don Tormey
Iowa Utilities Board
1375 E. Court Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0069

Dear Mr. Tormey:

Please find written comments submitted by the “Teamsters National Pipeline Labor Management Cooperation Trust” on the Summit Carbon Solutions Pipeline Project in 30 Iowa Counties. 
We support the building of this project provided Teamster Union represented contractors are awarded the work. Our reasons are contained in this submission.

If you have any questions I can be reached at (703) 508-8690.

Richard Stern, Administrator
Teamsters National Pipeline Labor
Management Cooperation Trust

This submission is for the Iowa Utilities Board, “Request for Public Information on the Summit Carbon Solutions, LLC” proposed hazardous liquid pipeline project located in 30 Iowa

On behalf of the Teamsters National Pipeline Labor Management Cooperation Trust (LMCT) representing the Teamsters Unions domiciled in Iowa and the Pipeline Contractors Association (PLCA) we support the building of the Summit Carbon Solutions Project if they utilize union workers and our union contractors. 

We have contractors who specialize in pipeline work that involve rivers, wetlands and waterways. Our trained Teamster workforce operates this specialized equipment in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Our Teamster Pipeline members also fish and hunt in Iowa.

Therefore, they value protecting the environment and restoring the land so they can continue to participate in these recreational activities, which will enhance their safety and environmental awareness during restoration.

Another part of the collective bargaining agreement is a formal “Drug and Alcohol” Policy. A drug and alcohol free work force is less likely to have accidents or damage the environment since they will not work under the influence of drugs or alcohol that can negatively impact their judgment and quality of the

According to our collective bargaining agreement our workers must be qualified. The contractors demand strict adherence to this language. This ensures a more skilled and trained workforce so it is less likely there will be any environmental issue. 

We have certified Training Instructors and a training program specific to the pipeline construction industry.

Our training not only includes Defensive Driving techniques but often-formal classroom instruction in addition to specific equipment training.
Many of our Trainers have been cited by outside Safety Organizations for their expertise and training skills.

Many Teamster workers on this Project will be Veterans.

Some coming out of Veteran Programs we participate in to recruit our former military men and women.

These Teamster Veterans are disciplined and taught about being aware of their natural surroundings both while serving in the military and undergoing our training programs. 

In addition to our training programs, veterans program, high wages and employer paid health insurance and pensions only enhances our Union Contractors ESG score. 

Recently our Teamsters Pipeline Training Fund has trained Native Americans in Minnesota and Montana. We will commit to training Native Americans who reside in Iowa so they can work on this project. 

You do not get this commitment from a nonunion workforce or contractors.

In closing, based upon the Teamsters Training specific to pipeline work, the contractually mandated safety and pipeline specific qualifications listed in the collective bargaining agreement promoting quality work the Teamsters National Pipeline LMCT supports the building of the Project if the Iowa Board of Utilities mandates Iowa Teamster Local Union members get the work by mandating only the awarding of the work is given to our union contractors.