Iowa Utilities Board
1375 E Court Ave
Des Moines, IA 50319 

Dear Iowa Utilities Board Members, Huser, Lozier, and Byrnes: 

Ethanol plants across Iowa, including one in our community, have chosen to upgrade their facilities by joining Summit Carbon Solutions’ carbon capture and sequestration project. This venture will promote the sustainability of ethanol in Iowa and assist in supporting the market for homegrown corn. Carbon capture is an extraordinary opportunity for ethanol to modernize its industry and remain a key employer in our communities. 

Summit Carbon has already shown strong will in communities by changing its route as landowner partners ask, establishing a community presence, and going above and beyond regarding safety. In addition, Summit will pay $1.5 million in new property taxes to Dickinson County and distribute over $15 million in total labor income to those who work on the project in the area. This income will boost our schools, roads, and hospitals, while portions of the labor income may be spent in our communities during the project’s construction. 

I thank the board for taking the time to read this letter and hope they choose to join me in supporting this project and the ethanol industry. 

Regina Reed