Dear Iowa Utilities Board members Huser, Lozier, and Byrnes:

Iowans truly are #StrongerTogether when we support one another. Just like you support local businesses, restaurants and more, you can support local Iowa farmers every day. You would be hard-pressed to find a small-town community in Iowa untouched by agriculture. As a state filled with corn, farms are the backbone of our local economies, landscapes, and communities. The family farm is a staple of Iowa life and is undoubtedly an ideal worth protecting.

Our robust ethanol industry is responsible for purchasing over half of the state’s corn, making it a hyper-critical business for farmers and by extension, the state of Iowa. Without ethanol, half of all Iowa corn wouldn’t have a market and crop prices would plummet. This scenario is incredibly harmful to farmers, and the state would certainly feel the negative effects. 

Besides being a renewable fuel, it has many other positives like reducing greenhouse emissions, decreasing our dependence on foreign oil, creating American jobs, and revitalizing our rural communities. 57% of Iowa’s corn is processed at an ethanol plant that produces clean-burning ethanol fuel, dried distillers’ grains (DDGS) for livestock feed, and nearly 4,000 other everyday products for you and your family. 

Therefore, a project like Summit Carbon Solutions is necessary to ensure ethanol can remain viable and robust. Summit’s project will provide long-term markets for Iowa corn and sustain high corn prices. 

Summit’s project will help protect and preserve the rural agricultural communities and economies that all Iowans hold dear. They will also invest nearly $31 million in Hancock County and the company will pay $1.17 million in new property taxes in Hancock County every year. I ask the board to recognize the importance of the ethanol industry to Iowa and I personal support Summit Carbon Solutions’ project.


Rebecca Olson
Executive Director, Garner Chamber of Commerce