Iowa Utilities Board
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Randy Ohl 3408 S. Coral Sioux City, IA 51106 712-898-9994

Gentleman: Concerning the Summit Carbon Solutions, LLC pipeline, I vote strongly in favor of iits placement for the following reasons:

If a pipeline company is willing to spend 4.5 billion dollars to transport carbon dioxide, plus a probable 1.5 billion for investor return, or a total of over 6 billion, it means that an alternate means of transportation of rail or truck would cost much more.

Many of the people who are against the pipeline do not even have land the pipeline would go through. And some of these same people are in favor of the elimination of ethanol altogether. Ethanol provides a huge number of high paying jobs and adds to our Country’s GNP. Over 40% the US corn crop is used in ethanol production. What would farmers do with 40% of our corn crop piling up each year? As surplus increase, com prices and land values would plunge. 

I have had an oil pipeline under my farm ground for years, and I do not even think about it there. It is underground and I farm over it. It is not like a windmill, where I see it. Nor do you have to farm around it. It is doubtful the oil pipeline could spring a leak. And it is doubtful, the carbon pipeline could spring a leak. But there is much greater risk of being hit by lightning or by getting injured or killed by driving my car than being injured by a pipeline. The risk of injury from the pipeline is very minuscule. 

Just knowing the ethanol industry is saving millions of dollars by this pipeline and future commodity prices and land values for the future are increased is enough for me. I know that money will be given for any crop that is damaged. I also know that soil damages are minimal since topsoil is put back in place. If you are worried about soil damage, look at the amount of topsoil moved to put in all the terraces in the country and a farmer had to pay for a portion of the installation costs. Paying crop/soil damages for is one thing. But a pipeline buying my land for market value and yet I still can continue to own it and farm thereafter is just hard to be believe. What a deal that is! I wish I could sell them my whole farm and still own and farm it!

I hope ethanol has a continued success, as it provides our farmers and our country a huge value to our standard of living. Ethanol needs be produced as efficiently as possible to assure its longevity and the pipeline adds to that efficiency. Sincerely,

Randy Ohl