Dear IUB board members, 

Ethanol is important to thousands of farmers like me across this state. For the last twenty years, we have enjoyed high corn prices due to this industry. These high prices have afforded farmers, who already deal with risk daily, to feel more secure that they will be able to bring their crop to market and make a little extra money to use when machinery breaks, or other expenses come up. Without ethanol, this all goes away. 

Summit Carbon Solutions’ project is going to help plants across the Midwest maintain operations and continue to purchase corn from growers around their areas. They will do this by lowering plants’ carbon intensity, something that markets are forcing plants to do if they wish to continue selling to high demand areas. These carbon projects are a win/win for ethanol plants and farmers. It’s a win for ethanol because they can tap into growing markets for low carbon ethanol, and farmers because they will they retain their buyer for their corn. 

Safety is also a top priority for their company. From x-raying all welds within their project to even just burying the pipe a foot deeper than what the federal government already requires, Summit is committed to going above and beyond for the landowners across the five states which the project will be built. 

Some of the folks who disagree with this carbon push do not seem to see the big picture. These projects will provide a huge benefit to agriculture in Iowa and will be increasingly more necessary in the coming years. Without carbon capture projects, farmers would see a 50-cent reduction in the value of corn. This is something we simply cannot risk. Please pass Summit’s permit and help keep ethanol alive and well here in Iowa. 

Thank you for your consideration,
Ralph Lents
Farmer, Adair County