Jaci Smith – Jan 16, 2022

As we begin a new year, North Iowa is preparing for both opportunities and challenges. As a region, we continue to benefit from a diverse economy, but as we develop and grow, it’s important to preserve and support our foundational industries.

The Iowa economy revolves around agriculture. Unfortunately, farmers in this state face a new threat. Iowa corn growers stand to lose substantial revenue if the ethanol industry, which consumes 53% of Iowa-grown corn, fails to remain viable.

Here in North Iowa, Golden Grain Energy is pursuing an opportunity to bolster the future of ethanol and agriculture. Along with its partner, Summit Carbon Solutions, and 30 other ethanol producers, the local plant will reduce its carbon footprint and gain access to low-carbon fuel markets. This will enable Golden Grain to sell ethanol at a premium, and ensure local farmers retain a secure market for their corn.

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