Summit Carbon Solutions seeks to lower the carbon intensity score of ethanol plants, increasing their competitiveness and profitability.



Summit Carbon Solutions connects industrial emitters via strategic infrastructure to safely and permanently store carbon dioxide.


We will construct this project using the most efficient techniques and practices, including taking steps to carefully separate and preserve topsoil, relocating or repairing drainage tile, and working with landowners to reroute portions of the line to accommodate future construction plans.  To read more about our agricultural impact mitigation plan, please Click Here.

In addition to meeting, and in many cases exceeding, all federal, state, tribal, and local regulatory requirements, we will design this project to minimize the impact on all-natural and cultural resources. In any area where that proves to be impossible, Summit Carbon Solutions will work closely with regulators and other stakeholders to develop and implement mitigation measures that minimize the eventual impact.

The safety of our operations, employees, and the communities where we operate is our top priority. Since the project is being placed underground, it will reduce the need for excessive tree clearing and eliminate visual impacts to neighboring landowners. We remain dedicated to meeting all federal, state, and local permitting requirements.

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