Access to carbon capture technology is necessary for Iowa ethanol plants to be competitive. Due to changes in demand, the industry has reached a point where without this type of innovation, many plants are likely to close over the next five years. 

Thank you to the board for reviewing Summit Carbon Solutions’ application to build and construct a CO2 pipeline in Iowa. This project is a lifeline for the ethanol and agriculture industry. However, I came across the recent decision to schedule the hearing between October 2023 and January 2024 and wanted to urge the board to reconsider. 

I farm in Hardin County, where one of Summit Carbon’s ethanol plant partners, Pine Lake Corn Processors LLC, is located. From personal experience, farmers and ethanol plant employees will have their hands full in October and November due to harvest. This will make it very difficult for us to attend the hearing for Summit’s project. 

The summer months, such as July or August, may be more appropriate for the hearing. This way, it is completed ahead of the farmers’ busy season. Last year, the Farm Bureau also suggested a July hearing date.

Please reconsider the timing of Summit’s hearing and consider moving the date to earlier in the year. 

Paul Cook
Hubbard, IA