Dear members of the board: 

Iowa should embrace rural development and investments that promote job creation, spending, and the reinforcement of core industries like ethanol and agriculture. Summit Carbon Solutions’ project will secure a future for both industries by helping to decarbonize production. Ethanol plants will be able to sell low-carbon fuel and secure demand for corn production in Iowa. 

Unfortunately, a loud minority who oppose carbon capture projects and technology simply want to see the end of ethanol production and agriculture as we know it. A future without CCS technology will be detrimental to our state economy because many ethanol plants will be forced to shut down in the next decade as the world prioritizes electric vehicles and other low-carbon fuel options. 

It’s important to remember than 60% of corn grown in Iowa is sold for ethanol production. 

Please support access to carbon capture and storage technology, including Summit’s project. 


Paul Cook
Farmer Hardin County