By Walt Wendland, CEO, chairman and president at Ringneck Energy in Onida, South Dakota.

Each year, Ringneck Energy purchases 27.5 million bushels of corn to produce 80 million gallons of ethanol. In addition to supporting a number of jobs in the Onida community, our facility is an important part of the overall agricultural economy that remains so critical to the region. Our company, along with dozens of ethanol plants across South Dakota, are eager to continue contributing to the success of agriculture and economic development.

Earlier this month, our facility hosted a stakeholder education forum to explain the ‘why’ behind Summit Carbon Solutions’ carbon capture and sequestration project and how it will benefit the ethanol industry, farmers, and local communities. As I walked with groups through the plant, grain trucks rolled in one after another, and the employees worked tirelessly to assist them and keep the plant operating smoothly. I believe most people in the area and across the state understand the need to keep ethanol viable in the coming decades.

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