Nearly two full years ago, Summit Carbon Solutions announced plans to partner with seven ethanol plants here in South Dakota. Since that time, there has been an extensive discussion around this project on a wide range of topics including economic benefits, environmental benefits, safety, and more.

Although some opponents have consistently advanced misinformation, there are several facts that are indisputable, and as a result, it is critical that the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission resist unnecessary delays in the regulatory proceedings around this critical investment in our infrastructure.

First, virtually every ethanol plant across South Dakota has formally joined one of the proposed carbon capture projects. Given that, it is natural to ask why they made this decision.

The clear and overwhelming answer is that these projects are absolutely vital to ensuring the long-term competitiveness of the ethanol industry and their ability to purchase more than half of all the corn grown in our state. Or said another way, the failure to join one of these projects or the failure of these projects to move through the regulatory process will likely result in the end of ethanol production in South Dakota and across the United States.

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