Iowa Utilities Board
1375 E Court Ave
Des Moines, IA 50319 

Dear Iowa Utilities Board: 

As a citizen of Wright County and a member of the Clarion City Council, it is my top priority to ensure the area’s continued success and identify opportunities to bring prosperity to the community. From what I have seen and heard firsthand in my community, I believe Summit Carbon Solutions’ proposed carbon capture and sequestration project is a practical step forward. 

As a rural town, agriculture is at the heart of everyday life. CORN, LP, the ethanol plant here in Wright County, uses approximately 30 million bushels of corn from local farmers annually. Ethanol plants are responsible for purchasing a considerable portion of the corn grown in Iowa and are vital to our local economy. 

The reasoning behind Summit’s project is to strengthen the ethanol industry and keep the agricultural market strong. For example, if ethanol plants can continue purchasing corn at the current rate (57% here in Iowa), farmers will continue to benefit from high corn and land prices. I support CORN, LP’s partnership with Summit and am eager to see the project progress. 

This project will also bring increased tax revenue to Wright County. Summit Carbon Solutions will pay the county more than $2.5 million in new property taxes annually and invest heavily in local labor during construction. This new revenue stream will help fund our local schools, EMS, and infrastructure projects, and during construction, our local hotels, restaurants, and businesses will see an upswing in demand.

This project is a significant step forward for ethanol and the communities that benefit from the success of agriculture. Please allow Summit to move forward with their permit. 

Thank you,
Nick McOllough
Clarion City Councilman