Dear Iowa Utilities Board, 

Thank you for the time spent during Summit Carbon Solution’s hearings. As someone who works in the corn and agriculture industry and the vice president of Iowa State University’s Corn Growers Collegiate Club, I’m writing in support of Summit and its project. Iowa’s ethanol industry purchases over half of the corn grown in the state, and Summit’s carbon capture and sequestration project is ensuring lasting and competitive markets for farmers. 

Agricultural innovation is what made this state a leader in U.S. corn production. Our state history is full of projects that helped us maintain our place on the leaderboard. Energy markets continue to favor carbon-zero fuel and we must adapt. Iowa’s agriculture needs a project like Summit’s to keep our product’s value high and show young farmers that there is a promising future in this industry. 

Summit has worked diligently to secure high voluntary easement numbers, has a strong background in agriculture, and believes that safety is the most important value. 

Please support Summit Carbon Solutions’ project and the future of agriculture in Iowa. 

Thank you,
Nick Fischer
Vice President, ISU Corn Growers Collegiate Club