Dear Members of the Iowa Utilities Board, 

My name is Nick Fischer, and I am writing to express my thanks for your efforts to move the hearing for Summit Carbon Solutions to August. This proactive change allows farmers to participate fully in the hearing and ensures there is open dialogue while discussing the future of Iowa’s ethanol industry. 

As the Vice President of Iowa State University’s Collegiate Corn Growers Club, I have witnessed firsthand the critical role ethanol plays in our state’s economy and its impact on the next generation of farmers. Ethanol provides a secure and sustainable industry for farmers and creates jobs in rural communities, fueling economic growth. Summit Carbon Solutions presents an opportunity to enhance the viability of ethanol. 

If ethanol becomes an unviable fuel source, the effects will be felt throughout the state. Farmers face an uncertain future without the preservation of ethanol markets and rural communities struggle even more than they do now. By supporting Summit Carbon Solutions, we ensure a sustainable future for generations of Iowans to come. 

Once again, I thank you for the decision to have Summit’s hearing start in August as opposed to October. This is a better outcome for farmers across the state. 

Nick Fischer
Vice President of the Iowa State University Corn Growers Collegiate Club