My name is Nick Fischer, and I support Summit’s carbon capture and storage program because I believe this technology will safeguard the ethanol industry for decades. The Iowa State University Iowa Corn Growers Collegiate Club believes in securing a future for the next generation of farmers in Iowa through carbon capture and storage opportunities. 

The Iowa Renewables Fuels Association (IRFA) recently released a study examining what would happen to the average farmer if Iowa ethanol plants could not compete with other Midwest plants. They found that plants unable to utilize carbon capture technology to enter the low-carbon fuel market will struggle to keep their doors open over the next decade. As a result, Iowa ethanol production could contract by 75% within the next decade, effectively destroying the market demand for corn. In this scenario, statewide net farm cash income would decline by $1.1 billion annually. 

In the next few years, carbon capture and sequestration access will make or break the Iowa ethanol industry. Please consider these circumstances when choosing to approve Summit Carbon Solutions’ project. 

Nick Fischer
Vice-President of the Iowa State University Corn Growers Collegiate Club