Iowa Utilities Board, 

My name is Mike Peterman, and I am the plant manager at Homeland Energy Solutions. First, I would like to thank the IUB for its commitment to hearing the voices of all Iowans throughout the Summit Carbon Solutions hearing. I am a supporter of the pipeline because it is a lifeline for the ethanol industry as we transition to a zero-carbon footprint. Access to carbon capture technology will allow us to do that and is a way of the future. 

As you review Summit’s permit application, I ask you to keep in mind the broad economic benefits these large infrastructure projects have in the areas to which they cross. For example, here in Chickasaw County, we will receive ample tax revenue from Summit’s project that can improve our roads, schools, hospitals, and other community projects. In addition, if our plant is able to sell ethanol in low-carbon fuel markets, it will secure a long-term need for Iowa-grown corn. Right now, the ethanol industry purchases over 50% of corn grown in our state. This project will be invaluable to rural communities like ours throughout Summit’s route. 

Carbon capture is the future of the ethanol industry. Thank you again for reviewing Summit’s permit application. 

Michael Peterman