Iowa Utilities Board members, 

Agriculture is a significant economic force for almost all of Iowa’s core industries in one way or another. Iowa is a corn state, plain and simple, and the loss of this critical foundation of the Iowa economy would have repercussions that would impact every sector and the daily lives of Iowans. Ethanol is a crucial partner to agriculture as a whole. Currently, markets demand low-carbon fuel that ethanol plants presently do not create. Low-carbon fuel is a desirable commodity now, and experts believe markets will continue to grow as the years go on. It doesn’t require expertise in economics to understand that if the ethanol industry does not begin producing low-carbon fuel, it will not play out well for Iowa’s agriculture economy. 

Ethanol plants, like Golden Grain Energy in Mason City, have seen this issue on the horizon and have partnered with Summit Carbon Solutions to capture and store their carbon. In Golden Grain’s case, Summit’s project will help us lower our carbon output and begin producing a low-carbon fuel and allowing us to maintain operations and continue buying corn from farmers in north central Iowa. 

Summit’s project will help our plant maintain operations, as it will for other ethanol plants across the state. Please keep us in mind when deciding whether or not to approve the project. 

Thank you,
Matt Dutka
Plant Manager, Golden Grain Energy