Members of the Iowa Utilities Board, 

Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) projects are important to local ethanol plants and farmers across Iowa where they are proposed. CORN, LP in Wright County has chosen to partner with Summit Carbon’s project. Through Summit’s project, we are able to take advantage of the low-carbon fuel standards around the country rather than face restricted markets because of them. The earlier Summit can put shovels in the ground, the better. 

The October date on which the board has scheduled Summit’s hearing delays the project. A project of its magnitude will take time to construct, and holding the hearing that late in the year will impact harvest. This is not only a big time for farmers but also ethanol plants, the two groups of people whom this project will impact the most. A better timeframe would be this summer when both farmers and ethanol plants have time to attend. 

This hearing should be scheduled for July. Please reschedule the October meeting to better accommodate farmers and ethanol plants. 

Mark Wigans
President, CORN,LP Board of Directors and landowner in the project