Iowa Utilities Board, 

I am concerned that the IUB has proposed holding Summit Carbon Solutions’ regulatory hearing in the fall as it creates a conflict for farmers who would like to participate but are preoccupied with harvest. The board should attempt to accommodate the farming community as they are the bulk of those affected by this project. 

The best time for a hearing would be June or July so farmers can easily attend and voice their support. In addition, if Summit can construct the pipeline after the 2023 harvest, and have all of 2024 for construction, then the land will be fully restored in time for the 2025 planting season. 

I hope that you can see how timing of the hearing could negatively impact those affected by whatever decision is made in this matter by the Utilities Board. 

Thank you for considering my concerns on this matter. 

Loren Manternach
Secretary, Innovative Ag Services