I am writing to you today about MPUC Docket No. IP7093/PPL-22-422 

As the president of the Fergus Falls Area Chamber of Commerce, I am excited about the potential economic benefits the Summit Carbon Solutions project will bring to Fergus Falls and to Green Plains Ethanol. 

Once completed, the Summit Carbon Solutions project will provide a unique opportunity for growth in Otter Tail County and will open new markets for Green Plains Ethanol to sell its products. Minnesota is the fifth-largest ethanol producer in the United States with roughly 40% of all corn produced being used in the production of ethanol. If new markets aren’t available to sell Minnesota ethanol, we will see a decline in the local economy at a time where farmers are already struggling with high input costs and a shaky economy. 

This proposed carbon capture project will allow Green Plains Ethanol to maintain its demand for corn by tapping into new markets with carbon restrictions to sell their product. Additionally, the nearly $900,000 in new property taxes Summit Carbon Solutions will pay Otter Tail County will provide the revenue needed to improve schools, shore up crumbling infrastructure, and allow us to create projects that will improve the quality of life for rural Minnesotans. I urge the Public Utilities Commission to approve Summit Carbon Solutions project. 


Lisa Workman
Fergus Falls Area Chamber of Commerce
202 S Court Street
Fergus Falls, MN
56537 218-736-6951