Apr 2, 2022 Updated Apr 8, 2022

Many Nebraskans take agriculture for granted. Let’s just consider corn: Go to the grocery store, and you will find corn ingredients on the labels of around 4,000 products, and nearly half of the corn grown in Nebraska goes to fueling vehicles with clean-burning fuel and the dried distillers grain coproducts that feed our livestock. Without corn farmers and ethanol production, Nebraska’s economy would suffer. Ethanol checks all the boxes: national security, environmental, steady markets for our farm products.

Why then should we not look for ways to enhance and support these critical industries? Ethanol is actually well-positioned to fill the role of reducing CO2 by capturing it from the air and permanently storing it. With a few innovations in ethanol production, Nebraska producers can create a net-zero carbon fuel that will be competitive across the country.

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