Opinion by Lance Lillibridge

Iowa is recognized for having the finest soil in America, which has allowed our state to shine as a long-standing leader in U.S. corn and soybean production. However, to remain a leader, we must develop infrastructure that empowers our agricultural community to compete globally.


Governing bodies in key markets for our commodities have already begun to tighten emission standards. If we do not adapt, and dismiss technology that would benefit Iowa’s economy, we’re jeopardizing our position as an agricultural leader.

Thankfully there are solutions on the horizon. From on-farm regenerative ag practices that reduce the carbon intensity, nitrogen, and water usage, to large-scale infrastructure projects like Wolf Carbon Solutions and their proposal to sequester carbon in the Mt. Simon Hub.


We must consider solutions that benefit Iowans both ecologically and economically. The Wolf CCS project will bring high-paying jobs to Iowa and sustain our critical industries for generations to come while sizably reducing our carbon emissions. CO2 gas deposits have been naturally trapped and stored underground for millions of years and CCS is a proven, safe solution to reducing our nation’s carbon emissions.

If we turn our back on the opportunity to innovate and invest in sustainability for the long-term, our state’s enduring industries could scale back their investments in Iowa and potentially even shutter, taking their operations abroad to competitors prepared to develop CCS like Brazil.

I encourage my fellow Iowans to embrace proven technology we need to strengthen our rural economy and Iowa’s position as an agricultural powerhouse.

Lance Lillibridge