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Our Commitment to Landowners

Summit Carbon Solutions is a community partner and will work with landowners, community leaders, stakeholders, and more with respect, honesty, and transparency.  If you feel that has not been demonstrated, please contact us at

We prioritize safety throughout the construction and operation of its project. While this project is revolutionary to the agricultural industry, the technology is well-studied.  Carbon capture technology is already in use at more than 30 ethanol plants and there are 5,000 miles of CO2 pipeline in operation in the United States.

Pipelines are the safest way to transport the material, and there have been zero fatalities involving CO2 pipelines over the past 20 years.  We are committed to constructing the line with the highest-quality products and going above and beyond industry standards to ensure the project is safe for the land and landowners with whom we partner.

We will be good stewards of the land across our entire project area. Summit Carbon Solutions will protect and restore lands, topsoil, drain tiles, drainage systems, and more to their pre-construction levels.

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