Dear IUB members, 

Carbon projects are popping up across our state. Currently, three projects have been proposed and each is taking a different route across Iowa. The reason carbon projects are springing up right now is simple: the ethanol industry is decarbonizing. Plants are not able to fully decarbonize on their own. While many are instituting practices that will allow them to drop their carbon intensity score by several percentage points, hooking up to carbon capture and sequestration in some cases could drop their carbon intensity by nearly 30% or more. This reduction will allow plants to sell to restrictive low-carbon fuel markets. 

Once ethanol plants can qualify, they will have access to a billion-dollar market. However if prohibited from entering, not only will they miss out on benefits, the industry will cut one billion bushels of demand for corn in Iowa. This highlights the necessity of these projects, and we should do all that we can to ensure carbon projects can unlock these advantages for ethanol plants as soon as possible. 

No hearing scheduled by the Iowa Utilities Board should be scheduled in the fall during harvest season, especially when a majority of the pipeline route impacts farmers. A fall hearing will not allow farmers to attend and voice their thoughts, even though they are a group that could lose the most if carbon capture projects cannot move forward. These hearings should be rescheduled for July to avoid harvest season and enable farmers to attend. 

We cannot overstate the importance of carbon capture projects to rural agriculture, which is why it is essential to allow local farmers and landowners the ability to attend these meetings. 

Thank you,
Lance Lillibridge
Chair, Iowa Corn Growers Association