To whom it may concern, 

My name is Lance Lillibridge, I farm Corn and Cattle in eastern Iowa. In the 1980’s it was nearly impossible to start farming. Interest rates, commodity prices, geopolitical landscapes, it was near insanity for me to think I could start Farming and I didn’t. More than a decade later, the opportunity came with the realization our country was dependent on foreign fuel with the events of 9/11. It was a tragic event both in itself and that we did not realize this sooner. The RFS was established and I was able to start my first-generation farm. We were on our way to energy independence at the same time we saw the slogan “We will never forget”. 

As the ethanol industry was growing and delivering what consumers wanted, farmers were stepping it up with amazing technology and farming practices that would regenerate our soils and better our water quality. Amazing things were happening in this space. 

As we step into the next era of clean energy there are many possibilities. The one that is clearly available now, can and will reduce carbon emissions. With Carbon Capture and Utilization now before us, we have the opportunity to excel beyond all other forms of renewables. We can become net 0 emissions when coupled with farming practices, and other new technologies in the engine manufacturing industry. 

I speak in favor of Carbon Capture Technologies and find it would be tragic not to embrace this technology! Our industry in Iowa will fail to compete in the world marketplace. We will fail at new technology for the utilization of captured carbon. We will fail at continuing to be an economic driver in agriculture that promotes better farming practices. We will fail at incentivizing new plant breeding technologies. We will fail at passing farms on to the next generation. 

It is imperative that we do not forget why we have made the advancements in the past 2 decades and why we need to continue to make advancements. Iowa Farmers are the best in the world! If we do not continue to adopt technology, we will become followers and not leaders. Let’s lead the energy sector with a low-carbon solution that is good for everyone on this planet. 

Thank you,
Lance Lillibridge
Benton County Farme