Dear Iowa Utilities Board members, 

The Iowa Corn Growers Association like to say Iowa grows corn, but the truth is corn grows Iowa. This has never been truer than today, and we have the ethanol industry to partially thank for that. Ethanol has helped our state’s agricultural community thrive, which is something I am sure none of us would like to give up anytime soon. 

The world is changing every day, and many of us are at the mercy of the markets. We cannot control the fact that these markets are prioritizing low carbon options, and all we can do is work to ensure our products are what these buyers want. This is what the ethanol industry is doing right now, which is why so many of these carbon capture and sequestration projects have sprung up around the state. While carbon is a commodity in small amounts, our ethanol plants simply produce too much, and it makes more sense for them to figure out a way to dispose of it. This is exactly what carbon capture and sequestration projects will do, allowing plants to continue selling to markets who will pay more for these options. 

Even though we have three new projects here in Iowa, CO2 pipelines have been around for the last twenty years and have successfully operated without a fatality of any kind. This is even more impressive considering there exists about 5,000 miles of CO2 pipe currently in operation in across the U.S. For CO2, pipeline transportation is without a doubt the safest mode of transportation available to us, far safer than truck or rail. 

Carbon projects will help ethanol plants here in the Midwest to continue fueling America and the world, which in turn will allow corn growers to continue selling their commodities to these plants. 

Please support carbon capture and storage projects. 

Thank you,
Lance Lillibridge
Farmer, Benton Count