Change is inevitable. Whether positive or inconvenient, everything changes with time. As new technologies emerge, cities grow, and rural communities fight to retain their identities, we are beginning to see glimpses of what is in store for Iowa’s future. 

Corn growers have long made up the foundation of our great state. Iowa leads the nation in growing corn, which in turn fuels our vehicles and feeds the world. The thought of Iowa moving away from our favorite cash crop would have at one time been unthinkable, but today, some want to see it and our farmers go to the wayside. 

Ethanol, an industry responsible for consuming 53% of Iowa’s corn crop, is an incredibly efficient, innovative fuel. While it already burns cleaner than traditional fossil fuels, new investments in carbon capture could make Iowa ethanol plants even more sustainable, competitive, and successful in the future. This would ensure generations of farmers could enjoy profitable markets for their corn. 

Unfortunately, special interests bent on destroying the ethanol industry care little for the jobs, communities, and people it supports. In their eyes, Iowa’s foundational industry is an inconvenience. 

Corn growers and ethanol producers have an ally. Summit Carbon Solutions is working to extend the life of 12 Iowa ethanol plants. These producers will not have to pay to retrofit their facilities, and the surrounding communities will benefit from new jobs, tax revenue, and stable corn markets. 

Change is coming. I want to see corn growers and ethanol continue to thrive and serve our state. With innovations like carbon capture, change will mean a bright future for Iowa. 

Kelly Nieuwenhuis