Without the benefit of carbon sequestration, farmers in Iowa face an uncertain future. Market demand is calling for low-carbon fuel, and more and more states are beginning to enact low-carbon fuels standards. This means that ethanol has no choice but to decarbonize by utilizing carbon sequestration technology. 

One company in particular, Summit Carbon Solutions, has partnered with ethanol plants all over Iowa to help them do this. By sequestering carbon, ethanol plants can continue selling fuel, which will secure a long-term market for Iowa corn. However, without the option to do this, Iowa’s ag economy is in danger. For example: 

• Profit on corn production will plummet. 
• Farm income could drop $43,000 for a typical 1000-acre farm split half soybean and half corn. • Statewide farm cash income could decline by nearly $1 billion a year. 

We can avoid the above issues in our state by embracing low-carbon technology. I urge the board to support carbon sequestration projects. 

Keith Starr